Secret Door

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were two young men having a conversation.

“Yesterday I found a door-like in the hedge,” the younger one pointed north. “Too hard to open the door, what’s that?” he asked curiously. He really found that door at the edge of the woods.

“That’s the door to the human world.”


“They look like us, but have no wings. I heard that they are really gross and selfish ceratures. Listen, don’t ever try to open that door. Once you enter the human world, your wings will get burned. You can’t stay here without wings either, our people will kill us.”

“Don’t worry, brother.”

The next day, before the sun rose. He tried to open the door. Through a hole in the hedge, he already saw a redhead girl picking up firewood. She had no wings.

He fell in love.

Written for Mondays Finish the Story


Author: wingedwind

Aku adalah aku yang sebagian aku tahu dan sebagian aku tak tahu.

13 thoughts on “Secret Door”

  1. They say love conquers all, but let’s hope he doesn’t live to regret his decision (I’m assuming he’s going to get through the door somehow!).

  2. What a good tale! I loved that you brought the world of the faery into the mix! Well done! Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge and I hope that you return next week! Be well… ^..^

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