Sabrina’s Shadow

(c) Menoevil
(c) Menoevil

“Lick this wall three times.”

“Are you kidding?!” exclaimed Sabrina. She spoke to her own shadow, in the wall.

Three days ago Sabrina had a nightmare. As she woke up in the dim light, she saw her shadow running across the wall. Sabrina could see a flock of birds flying in the wall as well. Sabrina was not running in her room, and no birds there. Lately Sabrina hated her life, what a super boring life, she always thought. The shadow offered her if she wanted to trade for a while. It seemed so horrible yet alluring. Now, the shadow told her the way to trade. By licking the wall.

Then Sabrina’s shadow laughed. Sounded like a bell ringing. Sabrina got goosebumps somehow.

“I’m surprised you are quite smart. Yes, I was kidding,” said the shadow. “If you really want to, you should knock on this wall right after the sun goes down.”

That was so easy. Sabrina knocked on the wall three times. A second after that, she heard a strange sound as the wall painting a big black shadow and swallowed her into it. Sabrina is in the shadow’s world now. It had been a week. She was so happy, she could do anything; lying on the grass, chasing the butterflies, nothing to worry about. Besides, the new Sabrina in her room handled every work she’d had.

But she was getting bored. She just realized it. She was nothing but shadow. All the colors she could see are just black, white, and grey. It all seemed so wrong. She couldn’t feel happy anymore. This would be the time she stopped being a shadow and came back being Sabrina, she decided.

“Your life was a mess,” said the new Sabrina, that was Sabrina’s real shadow. “We can’t trade ourselves by now, give me some more time to fix your life. Okay, our life.”

“What? Stop pretending you are better than me.”

“That’s the reality. Our life is getting better in my hands.”

“Well, thank you.” Honestly, Sabrina agreed. “But what should we do to trade ourselves back?”

“Oh, what a stupid shadow,” murmured the new Sabrina as she wrote something in a paper, among the books.

“You are the shadow!” snapped Sabrina. She was getting angry.

“Of course I need to knock the wall three times like you did before, Sabrina. Now, be quiet. I’m busy, can’t you see?”

“It depends on you, then?” Sabrina sighed. She was so scared.

Time after time, Sabrina always asked her real shadow to trade theirselves back. But her shadow seemed really want to control her life, sometimes she was pretending not to hear Sabrina.

Sabrina’s shadow never had a plan to knock the wall three times from the first time she gave Sabrina the offer.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie photo challenge #59


Author: wingedwind

Aku adalah aku yang sebagian aku tahu dan sebagian aku tak tahu.

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