A Witch Looking for a Friend

(c) Barbara W. Beacham

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.

The world she’d been living is like a cotton, soft and calm. At least she lived in a small village and very far from hustle and bustle. But she didn’t know if there’s any kind of her living nearby. It was sort of problem. Her family had died and left her alone as a witch in this normal-looking world. Even her husband. Now, she was a “normal” person even though sometimes doing magic like making the kettle itself preparing her meal.

She was a witch and looking for a witch friend to talk about their secret world.

One day she was at the minimarket, and heard a man murmuring, “Sooh-var-ar.”

She couldn’t do anything but rose her smile and said, “Tar sooh-var-ar.”

The man looked at her and smiled as big as her.

Sooh-var-ar was a code to find out if someone’s a witch. And Tar sooh-var-ar was the right answer.

Written for Mondays Finish the Story


Author: wingedwind

Aku adalah aku yang sebagian aku tahu dan sebagian aku tak tahu.

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