Monster of Nightmare


It was in the middle of the night, in my own room. I stopped writing as I realized that the sound of the rain brought me back to some memories. I grew up in this room. So basically this room knew everything, how I always had nightmares and stuff. Fortunately, it had been a long time since I had trouble to have a good sleep because of ridiculous monster sticking around my dreams. Except last night. The monster came again, crawling up from under my bed and the nightmare happened again in an instant.

I exhaled, that was literally just a dream. My mind should not have been impaired. I needed to focus on my homework.

But suddenly, I heard a voice speaking, “Well, that was not a dream.”

I kept my body to stay still. I was sure the voice came from under my bed.


Hari ke-2 #NulisRandom2017 @nulisbuku

Author: wingedwind

Aku adalah aku yang sebagian aku tahu dan sebagian aku tak tahu.

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