Pun(s) #8

Changing The Baby

We like to change the baby

Every time he cries.

We like to change the baby–

Why are you surprised?

We like to change the baby,

Don’t ask me how or why.

But we’d like to change the baby–

For one that’s always dry.

–Every Thing on It by Shel Silverstein


Pun(s) #6

“Excuse me, Mrs. North,” said Marvin. “When’s the book report due?”

“I told you Tuesday,” said Mrs. North.

Marvin nodded.

Mrs. North returned to her papers.

He still didn’t know when the report was due. Did Mrs. North mean that it was due Tuesday? Or did she mean that she told him on Tuesday when it was due?


Marvin put up his hands. “Wait a minute. Didn’t you both just tell me you didn’t know your phone number?”

They looked at him strangely.

Marvin wondered if he was going crazy. “You asked me if I knew my phone number. I said I did, and then you both said you didn’t.”

“That’s right,” said Casey’s father. “Why would I know your phone number? I just met you.”

– A Magic Crystal? (Marvin Redpost #8) by Louis Sachar